IDataRoam is a market leader and global provider of data and mobile roaming solutions for both businesses and international travelers.

We partner with businesses to provide their customers with a unique, affordable and market leading WI-FI data solution, that is:

  • Fast, utilising the latest 3G/4G technology
  • Saves customers up to 95% on their international roaming costs and over 50% on most hotel internet plans
  • Mobile, on the go nationwide coverage that can be shared


Mobile Wi-Fi

  • Portable 3G powered units
  • Palm sized, in travel pack
  • Connect up to five devices
  • Coverage Nationwide
  • Provide unlimited connectivity
  • Saves up to 95% on Data Roaming costs Wi-Fi Charges
  • Saves up to 50% on Hotel Wi-Fi Charges

Why should my business stock these?

  • Revenue Growth – significant revenue share opportunity
  • Values-Added Service – provides a great, valued added service to your customers in allowing mobile (3G) based customers to remain connected wherever they are
  • Risk-Free – service fully paid for by iDR (some set-up costs may be incurred)
  • Device controlled software solution and payment system – allowing credit card payments to be accepted on the device
  • Brand Awareness – White labelled solution available –allowing partner businesses to brand the device and service, extending brand opportunity

iDataRoam was engaged by Ace Rental Cars to provide a mobile Wi-Fi service to their customers. IDataRoam has provided an innovative mobile Wi-Fi service to allow Ace Rental Cars to provide their customers with cheap, easy to use, mobile Wi-Fi access via the use of Mi-Fi technology

Ace Rental Cars

IDataRoam partnered with global car giant Hertz in Australia and New Zealand, to provide an innovative mobile Wi-Fi solution to their customers. The solution was created by IDataRoam and was a first for an Australasian car rental company, allowing Hertz customers to access the internet while travelling at up to 95% off roaming costs and over 50% over hotel Wi-Fi charges. The service is delivered via the use of palm sized Mi-Fi units and an integrated software solution, that also extends Hertz’s brand presence.


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