Energy Management

Market leading automation and IOT platform for energy saving.

Complete solution reduces in room energy consumption and automates voice controls, locks, shades, lighting, minibars, DND signage, and TV’s. Providing maximized energy management and enhanced guest experience.

Telkonet EcoSmart Platform

Telkonet is a leader in intelligent automation and commercial internet of things (IOT) space. Liverton are the authorised supplier and installer in New Zealand and can provide a the full suite of Telkonet products to modernize your hotel.
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In-room IoT connected devices to recall preferences and adapt to room usage, all while reducing your energy costs.

User Engagement

Improve your user experience through automation without sacrificing energy efficiency.

HVAC Runtimes & Costs

Reduce your HVAC runtimes and associated energy costs through automation.

Energy Reduction

As a clean energy company, we help clients reduce carbon footprints and utilize green technology.

Intelligent Climate Control

Our guest climate control managed from a central location and smart controllers to automatically detect guests presence in the room and adjust temperature settings to maximize power savings for hotel operators.

Instant Analytics

EcoCentral is a cloud-based data storage, reporting and analytics interface that provides real-time monitoring and reporting to track progress toward total efficiency goals. This room energy monitor is accessible via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

User Control

Our EcoSmart platform provides your customers with a powerful cross platform mobile application to control all aspects of their hotel room from lighting to climate control via our cloud based system, meaning they can control the room remotely.


Decrease in your buildings overall energy bill
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Hospitality Solutions

Energy Management Case Studies

Read and download examples of Telkonet’s energy savings platform in action.

Sheraton Grand Chicago Hotel

Annual Saving: $265,793.15

Crowne Plaza Times Square

Annual Saving: $58,799.43

Metropolitan at 9

Annual Saving: $29,975

Cobblestone Hotel & Suites

Annual saving: 47%

Check how much money you can save on energy per year.

Energy Management
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