SmartCheck Mobile App

SmartCheck Mobile provides the great features available via SmartCheck Kiosks in a mobile experience.


Give your travellers the ability to streamline their stay by skipping check-in/check-out queues and going straight to their room.Featuring self check-in, check-out, mobile room key, booking, customer engagement and more.


The latest technologies have been used to provide a scalable, performant and secure solution. Our design philosophy is to focus on the user. Building apps that are useful and intuitive to make your end user happy. Need an on-premise or cloud solution, we’ve got you covered.


SmartCheck Mobile integrates into several major property management, payment and lock systems. It can be deployed as a standalone product or connected to SmartCheck Kiosks to complete unique flows such as on-premise verification and card key steps.


Whether your Hotel is looking for your own app or looking to share a single platform, SmartCheck Mobile is the product for you. Contact sales and find out how we can build your Hospitality app or join our shared app model at competitive rates.

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How SmartCheck Mobile Works


SmartCheck™ Mobile connects directly to your property management system (e.g. Opera), takes payment, provides digital room keys and staff engagement features. Use SmartCheck™ Mobile software to:

  • Step 1 – Provide your guest self check-in.
  • Step 2– Ability to unlock room and common doors from their phone.
  • Step 3 – Check Out, settle your bill and leave. No need to return key or see reception.

Multi Platform

SmartCheck mobile is an Android and iPhone app listed on the App store which your guests can use to check-in and check-out of your hotel without visiting the front desk

Keyless Entry

Hotel guests empowered with SmartCheck mobile can gain access to their room without a physical room key

Online Pre Registration


SmartCheck has deep integration into all major hotel lock and property management system providers meaning we can check-in/out all different types of a hotel guests

Package & Room Upsell

Users of the SmartCheck mobile can be presented with package & room upsell opportunities before they arrive at your hotel

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