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Travellers know too well, the time consuming and laborious process checking in and registering can be. Liverton created SmartCheck, the streamlined, end to end automation solution that make this experience a breeze for hotel and tourism clientele, while also providing significant cost savings to the operators.

Our solutions are bespoke and fit for purpose. The custom end to end design, development and hardware we build, allow us to be leaders in our field. With a strong focus on smart, secure technology, we have provided vehicle rental corporates automation solutions using self-service kiosks equipped with passport readers, alongside processing and ticketing solutions for attraction and event organisers, and touch screen display and registration solutions used in government tourism applications.

SmartCheck In Action

See the success of Liverton’s SmartCheck Kiosk system in use by Cotai Water Jet in Macau.

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Faster Experiences

Liverton is a world leader in automation and customer process optimisation. Our customer experience focus combined with a passion for innovation and global excellence, means that our cutting edge solutions are bespoke and tailored to our clients unique needs.

Our broad range of speciality services allows us to provide dynamic solutions aligned with any customer requirement. We understand the pains and bottlenecks in business that can restrict the flow of a customer, and have made it our core focus to solve these issues with a technology and results driven customer experience.

How SmartCheck

Kiosks Work

SmartCheck™ connects directly to your property management system (e.g. Opera), has the ability to read credit cards, and passports, print room keys and receipts. The SmartCheck™ kiosk software can support:


Step 1

Walk up to SmartCheck Kiosk and select Check In or Check Out.

Step 2

Confirm your check in or check out details and continue.

Step 3

Process payment and return key to finalise process.

SmartCheck In Macau

Liverton successfully delivered and deployed its first set of SmartTicket kiosks for Chinese client Cotai Water Jet in Hong Kong and Macao, allowing a self-service option for travelers to purchase ferry tickets prior to arriving at the Ferry terminal.

Read more about the solution we integrated in Macau.

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